1  SCCTN  =  1 ¢ (Euro Cent)

The Smart City Coin Test Net

The Smart City Coin Test Net is a part of the ambitious mission to reduce the household carbon footprint and efficiently reduce the wasteful transformation of electricity, water, and heat.


We have developed a unique reward-based smart city system for the contributions and participation of our Members, rewarding them with digital currency, SCCTN Utility Tokens, which provide the fuel for the energy saving actions.


Essential gear needed to make any home smart.


everything you need for energy monitoring...

Smart City App is an integrated multi-level cloud solution of data sourced from Smart Home Kit, Solar Cell Kit, IOT enabled devices and any third party sources.


Our experts have prepared an easy to comprehend visual representation of your building energy management. Number one priority of app is a visual representation of data collected from sensors and management of actuators.

Test the Future of Energy!

Use App4SmartCity!




You can see what is going on in our test house!


If you are not a member use
username: demo and password: demo
to monitor energy in our test house



Smart Home Starter Kit enables you to gather energy data of your home.


Use credit card, SCCTN or 50 other cryptocurrencies to purchase Smart Home Starter Kit



You can start using Smart Home immediatly after delivery.


Become one of the pioneers and tell the story in Smart City Club.


everything you need for smart city and more...

Smart Home Starter Kit Solar Panel Kit SCCTN Tokens

In order to reduce the wasteful transformation of energy and resources together with our partners we have developed and tested two products in our shop that will make your first and second step possible…


everything you need for knowledge exchange...

We are building a decentralized community of members that will help other members from their area to commence the path of efficient transformation of energy and resources.



everything you need for tokenized economy...

Symbol: SCCTN

Type: Utility Token

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Etherium

Total emission: units

Unit price: 1 SCCTN = 1 EuroCent

Market cap: Euros

Issuer: Smart City AG, Gewerbestrasse 5, 6330 Cham, Kanton Zug, Switzerland

TGE 1.8.2018

Contract number: 0x5fA34CE3D7D05e858b50bB38afa91C8b1a045688



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Check other people experience and post your experience
of  smart home transformation.


Monitor and manage your energy in real time.

Smart Home Starter Kit Solar Panel Kit SCCTN Tokens